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Why Hire Web Designer For Professional Bespoke Web Design And Ecommerce SEO?

Hire Web Designer

Website is a showcase for your company that need to be carefully designed to attract potential customers. A good design reinforces the message makes it to find your site visitors what they want and how the world sees your site.

Our vast range of website design services like bespoke web design and ecommerce SEO; caters just about anyone from small business to a large organisation. You can hire a web designer from our team of experts who can develop a modern out looked web design and high quality of services to our clients. We give very importance to customer needs and the knowledge about the latest developments in the field of web design industry. Our goal is to ensuring customer satisfaction at any cost.

We keep you a step ahead of your competition by getting a new web site or reshaping your existing one. We create web sites that are completely customised to your needs & Budget. Look at our various web design developments below.

Static/Dynamic Web design

Static Website Design

Static web pages are simple and presentable which requires virtually no maintenance. Static websites are for the people who are looking for a search engine friendly website and it provides the content for the website visitors exactly what they are looking for.

Static pages are not equipped like the CMS for easy updating of the website and are suitable mainly for companies that do not change their products, services, news, pictures or frequently used content.

Building a static website is relatively simple because the development of the technology is easy to use. Static web page design is often the most cost effective way for businesses that just need a business website, seasonal promotions, landing pages, micro sites and other creative designs online

There are also hybrid website designs. The hybrid website contains static and flash animations. The hybrid website is better option if you need to represent informative site with animated look. In hybrid sites the top or middle design with flash animation which gives unique and innovative look to your website.

Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic websites has advanced features with key to success any business online. Websites to meet the needs and requirements of the users, certainly become the most visited place. A dynamic website is for content such as online databases, e-commerce, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a database of resumes or job site required designed online shopping site website and developed using a dynamic, etc. scripting language , preferably PHP / MySQL and make your site beautiful, keep traffic, easy to navigate and flawless.

Some advantages of Dynamic websites are detailed below:

  • You can add and manage contents, stories, information, pictures and videos at any time, without the help of the webmaster.
  • You can add new pages and sections for the website growth.
  • You can save time managing the site.
  • The administrator can send customised emails to visitors.
  • Complex tasks such as budget information and sales estimates are adjusted to customer needs.

Both the static and dynamic websites can be search engine optimised to rank higher in Google search engine. Creaton solutions develop a static website and dynamic to meet the desired functionality for your unique project that uses the architecture of the database, dynamic, creative, design and integration of Custom Web Applications.


The visual looks and appearance of the website has become today's trends in the market. The appearance of the website has become a vital factor to attract customers along with providing good product and service. Creaton solutions promise a user-friendly design with an outstanding design to deliver updated information. As technology has improved design for the redevelopment of the old technology is needed to attract the attention of the viewer.

We redesign your website to target your audience with the latest technological advances and visual trends. We develop website which are easy to navigate and are very user friendly this will help your business to drive traffic and retain customers by frequent visits. Sites will be redesigned in accordance with web standards and taking into account various factors in support of the search engines.

A redesign of the site is not necessarily expensive. If your website is attractive and functional, much of the content can be re-designed to meet the latest trends and standards. This will reduce the overall cost on the project. In some cases, you might only need a minor change or some content needs to be added to your website.

Creaton Solutions can give you a cost-effective quotation for your website redesign whether we have to redesign the whole site or just make some of the above mentioned changes to your website.

Flash Web design

A flash web design with modern out looks for a small business or start-up company can look like a largest professional organisation in the world. The use of animation in the website design is a challenge for many companies. Flash produces very small file-sizes, especially if the contents are the basic forms of animation such as text and images drawn limited. Flash has become more popular medium in delivering an animation online as a universal standard. In flash website flash intros, custom flash animations, corporate presentations, flash, etc. is possible with excellent animation effects.

Flash produces very small file sizes, particularly when the contents of the animation are restricted to basic shapes, such as text and drawn images. Flash has become a universal standard for the delivery of animations on the Internet. In Flash Website effective flash intros; custom flash animations, corporate flash presentations etc are possible using excellent animation effects.

In website you can use flash for:

  • Flash Banner Designs.
  • Flash Introductory Page.
  • Dynamic Flash Web Design.
  • Animation with Navigation.
  • Most modern visual effects.
  • The sound and animation that loads quickly.
  • On-Line with eye-catching graphics.
  • The rich user interfaces to improve usability.
Graphic design

Creaton Solutions offers solutions for business and also have experience in designing high quality professional graphics and advertising material. We provide one roof solutions for all your companies design and advertising needs to the business requirements ranging from small and medium enterprises to international corporate houses. We understands the importance of strong corporate branding to any company wishing to improve its market share, so Creaton Solutions a good graphic design company knows that a successful corporate identity and branding is built on intimate knowledge of you, your audience and their perceptions of your organisation.

Creaton Solutions is offer followings to our clients:

  • Logo Design.
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design.
  • E-mail Template Design.
Content Management System (CMS)

A content management system (CMS) is a software system which provides flexible solutions in web development, the creation of documents and other contents are easy to edit and manage. A content management system is often a web application for managing websites and web content used, although in many cases, content management systems require special software for editing and creating articles. The market for content management systems remains fragmented, with many open-source solutions available in the market today.

CMS is best suited for the commercial classes as follows:

  • News Websites
  • Business or organizational directories
  • Document management
  • Image and multimedia galleries
  • Forums and chat software
  • Blog software
  • Directory services
  • Email newsletters
  • Data collection and reporting tools
  • Banner advertising systems
  • E-commerce and shopping cart engines
  • Dynamic form builders
  • Subscription services

Features of our Content Management Solution:

  • Ease of usability: Our CMS solution is an easy to use tool for all sorts of operations like ADD, MODIFY and DELETE a page, or EDIT a page that you wish to.
  • Technical expertise: It is easy to use software which does not require any sort of technical background or knowledge of HTML etc. Instead of using a program like FrontPage and Dreamweaver to edit a website, this is achieved through any computer connected to the internet and without the need for web design software.
  • Reduced costs: A very inexpensive and easy to use solution that reduces the cost of employing an extra professional.
  • Centralised location: By using a Content Management System organisation can provide employees with a central location to provide and access up-to-date, accurate information and applications.
  • Easy editing: By using CMS, all kinds of changes to web content can be done very easily. Anyone can upload documents, pictures, links to other web pages or other sites, and change the page size.
  • Hassle free: Our CMS web tool is very easy to use where you can add and remove or make changes with hassle free application tool.

Ecommerce SEOAn ecommerce website has an advantage of being open 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, a non stop business which can reach audience world wide. This is a great way to make extra money online which can help to boost the business. Our designed e-commerce solutions come with search engine friendly design with an integrated shopping cart and many more.

What are the benefits of selling online?

Targeting global audience – There is no limit in targeting your customers; you can sell your product and services world wide to anyone anywhere.

Non stop business- Very easy solution to accept payment and process 24/7 online, this gives added opportunity.

Expanding customer relations – Websites gives more authority for business and build trust with their customers. Customers can access information via online; it saves time and money.

Creaton Solutions offers you professionally designed ecommerce solutions that include search engine friendly websites with an integrated shopping cart. You are welcome to discus with us for your shopping cart requirement or ecommerce query.

We are a leading web design company with best services at competitive prices. We are specialised in a wide range of design services including CMS web design, flash websites, flash header, flash banner, and logo design. We offer the perfect combination of infrastructure support, technology updates and professional experience. All our services remain to the highest standards in quality and creativity. Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss an immediate requirement.

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